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If Melody 101 could write their own family tree, their grandparents are The Beatles and Os Mutantes, their parents are Tom Waits and Elton John, their drunken Uncle is Keith Richards and their scary aunty is Nina Simone, their big sister is Joan as Policewoman and big brother is Father John Misty.

Across the waves of FIP radio, in the ’30 musts of the season’ of Le Figaroscope and in the ‘Sexiest Music’ of MademoiZelle are Melody 101 - an ‘art-rock’ duo. Their album ‘Baked in a Pie’ was released independently at the iconic venue, Bus Palladium, Paris in June 2015 where rock critic MaMusicale reviewed: “You don’t feel time passing at a MELODY 101 gig, their universe is captivating and beautiful.” Since this moment the album got to the ears and hearts of critics and fans across Europe as the band toured in France, Germany and the UK. 

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